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The Road to Utopia

USA, 1946

Directed by: Hal Walker

Written by: Melvin Frank and Norman Panama

Principal Cast: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Hillary Brooke, Douglass Dumbrille, Jack La Rue, Robert Barrat, Nestor Paiva, Robert Benchley

Produced by: Paul Jones

Music: Leigh Harline, Heinz Roemheld (uncredited), Jimmy Van Heusen (songs)

Cinematography: Lionel Lindon

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Original Lyrics for Put It There Pal
The Road Films

Bing and Bob

Bing: I don't care where i'm going just as long as I'm with you
Both: Put It There, Pal, Put It There
Bing: You know I saw Let's Face It
Bob: Yes and I saw Dixie Too
Bing: Great picture, huh?
Both: Put It There, Pal, Put It There
Bing: This country's full of wolves but you should make them laughing stocks
The girls are fond of blubber and the igloos have no locks
Bob: You'll wow the lady eskimos, they don't wear bobby socks
Bing: You're faithful and you're fair ... Hit me with your biscuit
Bob: Coming ma with some ...
Both: Put It There, Pal, Put It There
Bob: You've got that something in your voice
So right for selling cheese (hustle a lot of the stuff) Both: Put it there, pal. Put it there (put that back in the bowl)
Bing: I think your jokes are great ...
Bob: Do you?
Bing: ... it's just that folks are hard to please.
Bob: Yeah ...
Bing: Your hand sir.
Bob: Put that back in the bowl.
Bing: Your face could make a fortune -- just your nose should make a lot
Bob: I like the way you wear those gaudy colored shirts you've got
The only time a rainbow covered up a pot
Bing: We make a perfect pair
Both: Put It There
Bob: My colleague!
Bing: My crony!
Bob: My cohert!
Bing: My friend!
Bob: Companion!
Bing: Confederate!
Bob: Chums to the end!
Bing: Like meat and potatoes
Bob: Or salt and tomatoes
Both: Boy! What a blend
Don't put it in the paper
Don't put it on the air
Don't put it on the shelf
Put it There

Put it There Pal—Burke/Van Heusen (with ad lib amendments)