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Gone to Earth | David Sylvian

aboriginal cave drawing With a burning candle
A book of holy things
They'll throw you up against the wall
Bind your hands with string
Caught in the sudden shower
Our host of heavenly Kings
They're all victims of circumstance
Of ancient bells that bring
All the fear in the world, naked and shy
Down upon our heads, with no reason why

And though voices may holler
For all they're worth
The rabbits have fled their burrows
Gone to earth

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David Sylvian was an original member of Japan, one of the most interesting bands to emerge from the late '70s new wave. Like Brian Eno, his solo work has explored both pop and ambient recordings. Also like Eno, Sylvian has collaborated significantly with such artists as Robert Fripp.

The song, "Taking the Veil" from "Gone to Earth" is titled after "The Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil" by Max Ernst.