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Guernica Pablo Picasso (1937)

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Painted Words

To understand everything
The tree that looks like a prow
The tree adored by lizards and by vines
Even the fire behind the blind

To reunite wind and dew-drop
Heart and cloud day and night
Windows and countryside everywhere

To abolish
The zero's grimace
That tomorrow will roll upon the gold

To cut off
The little ways
Of giants nourished on themselves

To see all eyes reflected
In all eyes

To see all eyes as beautiful
As what they see
Absorbant sea

To have folk laugh lightly
At having been hot at having been cold
At having been hungry at having been thirsty

Paul Eluard/Picasso

To have speech
Be as generous
As embracing

To blend the bather and the stream
Crystal and dancer of the storm
Dawn and the season of breasts
Desires and childhood wisdom

To give woman
Thoughtful and alone
The form of the caresses
She has dreamed

To have the deserts be in the shadow
Instead of being in

To give
To give
My Right.

Pablo Picasso

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