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Europe After the Rain II (1942)

Europe After the Rain by Max Ernst
Max Ernst

Max Ernst

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Max Tells of Mozart and Others
To him the last real European
Amalgam of all sweet sound
Green gazes came and made of amalgam a potpourri
Green glances came heralding
The tender giant chauvinist thundering fatherland
Panic for chords celestial choir
Based on a bag of hope.
And then that hope broke down in him
While students came to throw their tearful caps
Into the air
They came in brandenburgs out of the brick wall
Tossing caps.

Thus came the weather change.
Thus came Wagner after
To creep to the cross with Parsifal
All this chorus an inner maelstrom
Brought to the simmer by sound finespun
There is some element in it
Some consequence halluncination
Still green, a kind of intimate solstice.

Dorothea Tanning/Birthday