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Ambient 1: Music for Airports

Music for Airports
Brian Eno

Most of us spend nearly all our time with others, and we forget we're always tailoring ourselves for others, always adapting and modifying our behaviour. It means that parts of us don't surface because there are no social situations that demand time. I guess I'm looking for some feeling of luscious silence, a feeling of solitariness.

Art isn't a quality. It is a function that exists between someone and something, an interchange, an operation that occurs between observer and event.

Brian Eno
Brian Eno
About the Composer

Nerve Net
Oblique Strategies


Eno has collaborated with and/or produced many artists, including Gavin Bryars, Robert Fripp, Michael Nyman, Harold Budd, Philip Glass and John Cage

The 10 albums he produced on his Obscure Records label in the 1970s provide an excellent overview of the best in modern music.