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billie livingston

billie livingston | vancouver

selected writings ...

The Chick at the Back of the Church
Nightwood Editions, 2001

The Chick at the Back of the Church
Bet you could pick up any thing cuz you got
seven fingers on your right hand and you don't waste
a single one. I read a wall said you rub
yourself to blisters back of there, soak
nipples in red wine and give communion. I like
you like that; Fearless Bitch; meet your maker
with your hands in your pants. ...

Going Down Swinging
Random House, 2000

Novel Excerpt
God almighty, what poor slobs end up in here? Hold tight to your purse, look up and down the box walls. White, everything white. Just a couple tiny smears, splotches, yellow-brown like baby shit. Dents here and there in the door frame; somebody took their boots to it. You get about the middle of the roomóChrist knows how that mattress looks under the sheetóturn, swing your head in time to see the white door swing shut. And your heart hiccups, holds still. Oops. ...

Lady Driven
Seven Sisters Writing Group, 2000

What Looked Calm and Dark
Is there a medical term for blisters left
on the insides of elbows, souls of feet, nape
of neck each time I need to feel you / feel
need for you? Is this love or electricution? ...

Going Down Swinging, cover

Powerful and disturbing ... a compelling new voice.
—The Globe and Mail

Billie Livingston succeeds gorgeously in capturing the messiness and unresolvable ambiguities of familial love.
—National Post

Billie Livingston storms on to the page.
—Vancouver Sun

Livingston's characters are scrappers. They're canny and sharp and share a dark streak of humour that comes from the love of family and the communal understanding of knowing who is the enemy.
—St. John Telegraph Journal