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This week's black selection:

Vurt by Jeff NoonSKULL SHIT is one heavy fuck. Don't try it alone, kittlings. This Vurt is going to blast you. You'll be travelling the paths of your own mind, and that's some maze in there. There's a beast at the centre and it's angry. Only the chosen know what the beast looks like, because only the chosen get that far.

The Cat's been there, of course, and lived to write the review, but I wouldn't wish the sight on my children (if I had any). Unless they're ultra-brats, in which case ... feed them this: Skull Shit aka The Synapse Murders, Head Fuck, Temple Vomit, Id Slayer. Call it what you like, do what you like; remember the rule: Be Careful. Be very, very careful. Not for the weak.

Note: possession of this beauty can land you a two year stretch. That's a load of game-time to be misssing, so stay cool. Keep it cool. The Cat has warned you.

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Vurt brings to mind Clockwork Orange and Neuromancer, but also Jung, Freud and Lewis Carroll. Noon's fun work, Automated Alice, contains the carrollesque Joycean novels, Useless-ease and Fooligan's Wake.

Jeff Noon