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Every advance in culture is, psychologically speaking, an extension of consciousness, a coming to consciousness that can take place only through discrimination. Therefore, an advance always begins with individuation, that is to say with the individual, conscious of his isolation, cutting a new path through hither-to untrodden territory. To do this he must first return to the fundamental facts of his own being, irrespective of all authority and tradition, and allow himself to become conscious of his distinctiveness. If he succeeds in giving collective validity to his widened consciousness, he creates a tension of opposites that provides the stimulation which culture needs for its further progress. Psychic Energy by C.G. Jung
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After Freud, Jung is perhaps the most well-known depth psychologist. Whether listening to John Cage, or reading authors as diverse as Jeff Noon, Doris Lessing and Homero Aridjis, it is difficult not to have Jungian memes on synchronicity, mythology and archetypes informing your conceptual grid.