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"In an affluent society
is a sexual predilection"

Presentation Piece by Marilyn Hacker

This is not fresh meat. It was kept overnight
in a tab of brine. Hand remembers
the ribs' wet parting, the heavy pulse on the palm.
this is not the door to the engine room
though a pulse whines in the walls.
Green velvet ropes enlace a green
velvet chaise-longue, beneath
the purple jewels of the parvence
empress. Meet me tonight under your tongue.

Your cock whispers
inside my thigh that there is language
without memory. Your fingers plan
wet symphonies in my garrulous secret

About the Author

Read about her work Cancer Winter.
Her poem: Invocation is online.
This is her entry in The Academy of American Poets.
Signed, Hacker


Marilyn Hacker has written poems on—and has been written about by—Samuel R. Delany and Thomas M. Disch. The last time she read in Toronto, she was up against William S. Burroughs and Kathy Acker, who were reading elsewhere, but she still managed a full hall.