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My Little Fudge Brownie, he called to me. I ran into his arms, smelling the cocoa on his breath. We shared a bowl of chocolate gelato, using the same spoon. Orson, I said, licking the smears from his lips, My Caffe Latte, did you miss me? Instead of replying, he licked some dripping gelato from my wrist. I see, I said, you simply haven't been eating well. My Godiva Chocolate, he said, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news first, I said, feeling cold creep up my shoulders and the blood drain from my face. Well Angel Food Cake, he said, licking biscotti crumbs from the corners of my mouth, that part's actually the good news. They have restored The Magnificent Ambersons to its original glory and because of that, I have been moved into a new level, second from the top, in other words, my rates have quadrupled overnight. This visit is a free bonus. Orson, I cried, tell me you're lying. I can barely afford you already. I know, he replied, moving onto some tiramisu, but surely you could take another job? I wept bitter tears.

About the Author

The Day Dali Painted My Llama won the Books in Canada award for best student short story, and appears in the 1997 Tesseracts collection. A sample of her novella, The Seventh Voyage, is available online. Examples of Halford's photography are available on her Deambulation site.
Signed, Halford


Halford has fond memories of drunken sangria afternoons with Billie Livingstone and J B Sclisizzi.