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Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon The story here tonight is a typical WWII romantic intrigue, just another evening at Raoul's place, involving a future opium shipment's being used by Tamara as security against a loan from Italo, who in turn owes Waxwing for a Sherman tank his friend Theophile is trying to smuggle into Palestine but must raise a few thousand pounds for purposes of bribing across the border, and so has put the tank up as collateral to borrow from Tamara, who is using part of her loan from Italo to pay him. But meantime the opium deal doesn't look like its going to come through, because the middleman hasn't been heard from in several weeks, along with the money Tamara fronted him, which she got from Raoul de la Perlimpinpin through Waxwing, who is now being pressured by Raoul for the money because Italo, deciding the tank belongs to Tamara now, showed up last night and took it away to an Undisclosed Location as payment on his loan, thus causing Raoul to panic. Something like that.
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The impact of Thomas Pynchon's work, especially Gravity's Rainbow, has been so indelible that authors such as Tom Robbins and David Foster Wallace are inevitably referred to as "pynchonesque."

Gravity's Rainbow is often mentioned in conversations involving Samuel R. Delany's Dhalgren—both being weighty tomes which at times seem to be and not be sf; both which have comparable sales figures (although Delany thinks Dhalgren is now a bit out in front); and both which have recently been re-released in new hardcover and softback editions.