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Flight Out of Time by Hugo Ball
Flight Out of Time by Hugo Ball
Flight Out of Time by Hugo Ball
It is necessary for me to drop all respect for tradition, opinion, and judgement. It is necessary for me to erase the rambling text that others have written.

The present does not exist in principles, but only in association. We live in a fantastic age that draws its decisions more from affiliation than from unassailable axioms. The creative man can do anything he wants with this age. It is, all of it, common property, matter.

Nature is neither beautiful nor ugly, neither good nor bad. It is fantastic, monstrous, and infinitely unrestrained. It knows no reason, but it listens to reason when it meets with resistance. Nature wants to exist and develop, that is all. Being in harmony with nature is the same as being in harmony with madness.

About the Author

Ball is perhaps best known for the Cabaret Voltaire.
You can read his Dada manifesto.
Some of Ball's thoughts on Dada are online, as are Tristan Tzara's.
Also available: The Dada Server


Dada was an international, cross-disciplinary movement which attracted not only Hugo Ball in Switzerland, but authors such as André Breton and Louis Aragon in France.