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"I'm the manager. I'm the manager. The manager. I'm the manager ... the manager ... the manager ..."
The Erasers by Alain Robbe-Grillet
In the troubled water of the aquarium, furtive shadows pass. The manager is motionless at his post. His massive body leaning on his outspread arms; his hands grip the edge of the bar; his head hangs down, almost threatening, the mouth somewhat twisted, the gaze blank. Around him the familiar specters dance their waltz, like moths circling a lampshade and bumping into it; like dust in the sun, like little boats lost at sea, lulling into the sea's rhythm their delicate cargo, the old casks, the dead fish, the rigging and tackle, the buoys, the stale bread, the knives and the men.

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Robbe-Grillet was one of the foremost authors of the French new novel, a movement which included Nathalie Sarraute. The book The Erasers has a strong oedipal subtext which Freud would have loved.