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Samuel R. Delany
Here I am and am not I.

This circle in all, this change changing in winterless,

a dawn circle with an image of,

an autumn change with a change of mist.

Mistake two pictures, one and another. No.

Only in seasons of short-light, only on dead afternoons.

I will not be sick again. I will not.

You are here.

I am too tired—wandering among all these, and these streets where the burning, burning, leaves the shattered and the toppling. Brick, no bridge because it takes so long, leaving, I haven't leaving. That I was following down the dark blood blots her glittering heel left on the blacktop. They slip into the V of my two shadows on the moon and George lit along the I walk on and kept. Leaving it. Twigs, leaves, bark bits along the shoulder, the hissing hills and the smoke, the long country cut with summer and no where to begin. In the direction, then, Broadway and train tracks, limping in the in the all the dark blots till the rocks, running with rusty water following beside the broken mud gleaming on the ditch edge, with the trees so over so I went into them and thought This hand full of crumpled leaves.
It wouldn't be better than here. Just in the like that, if you can't remember any more if. I want to know but I can't see are you up there. I don't have a lot of strength now. The sky is stripped. I am too weak to write much. But I still hear them walking in the trees; not speaking. Waiting here, away from the terrifying weaponry, out of the halls of vapor and light, beyond holland and into the hills, I have come to

I could wait here until she came, all naked up or might knowing what I couldn't, remember maybe if just one of them. He. In or on, I'm not quite where I go or what to go now but I'll climb up on the and wonder about Mexico if she, come, waiting.

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Dhalgren is dedicated to a number of people, including Joanna Russ, Thomas M. Disch, and Marilyn Hacker. The book is one of those rare novels, like Gravity's Rainbow, which absorb people rather than vice versa.

Delany has remained an interesting writer because he consumes culture and theory, including the continental philosophy of Derrida, Foucault and Lacan, and allows his work to resonate with the freshness of their ideas.

Delany has completed a work of comparative literature involving Wagner and Antonin Artaud. He has also commented that he put off reading Mervyn Peake's Titus Groan for 10 years because people kept telling him he should read it.

Delany was recently interviewed by J B Sclisizzi for a Canadian literary magazine, Matrix.