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John Kneller

john kneller | toronto

selected films ...

Sight Under Construction
33 minutes, 2001

John Kneller's Sight Under Construction is a beautifully optically-printed film that explores the intersection of commercialism, nature and art. Kneller lusciously combines a disparate array of images that illustrate his concerns in an intoxicating manner. While visually complex, Sight Under Construction is a far cry from the over-mediated images of the mainstream. In the increasingly digitized medium of film, a hand-crafted piece like Sight Under Construction is rare. (Toronto International Film Festival catalogue, 2001)

Sight Under Construction

We Are Experiencing...
12 minutes, 1997

Honouring the tradition of optically printed films, We Are Experiencing ... is a visual treat that manipulates, combines and recombines its imagery to a dazzling effect. In this digital age, this optically printed film runs countercurrent to the trends. The film uses repeating imagery, such as five autumn's worth of leaves, or the same images repeated, and the effect is mesmerizing. (Toronto International Film Festival catalogue, 1997)